Gibson's Finest Sterling Canadian Whisky

The smoothness of this finely crafted whisky is the result of an ideal blend of award-winning Canadian whiskies. The full flavoured taste comes from years of mellowing in a barrel. Our Sterling edition has great versatility for mixing a wide range of cocktails and is best enjoyed with your favourite mixer such as ginger ale or cola.

Colour: Golden amber
Nose: Aromas of fresh cut oak, hints of cocoa and delicate nuttiness
Body: Creamy & round
Palate: Fruity with a light taste of oak and hints of vanilla
Finish: Pleasant crisp finish

Gibson's Finest 12 Year Old Canadian Whisky

This full flavoured Canadian whisky exhibits depth by virtue of its barrel-aged character, its defining feature. It excels as an ultra-smooth whisky with vanilla-sweet oakiness that carries through to the finish. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Colour: Rich amber
Nose: Hearty vanilla oak with hint of clove and apricot
Body: Smooth & round
Palate: Pronounced vanilla, warm oak and a hint of almond
Finish: Clean with subtle enduring oak

Gibson's Finest Rare

This whisky is an elegant and sophisticated blend of Gibson's rarest 18-year-old whiskies. Sweetly aromatic, rich in character with a uniquely velvety finish, this world class whisky will add a new dimension to your drinking enjoyment. Best enjoyed neat.

Colour: Richly golden
Nose: Sweetly aromatic with notes of fruit and brown sugar
Body: Smooth & very well rounded
Palate: Full bodied with rich fruity flavours chased by spicy rye & vanilla
Finish: Long, lingering and velvety

Gibson's finest 100th Grey Cup Limited Edition available in Canada

This finely crafted Limited Edition whisky is a unique blend of award-winning Canadian whiskies, infused with the highest quality maple syrup. The result is a beautiful marriage of flavours, with hints of delicious maple and vanilla. Enjoy it as you would our other fine whiskies – alone over ice or in your favourite cocktail.

Colour: Dark amber
Nose: Luscious notes of maple with a slight nutiness and vanilla on the nose
Body: Smooth and complex
Palate: Full flavours of vanilla and butterscotch overtones with a hint of maple
Finish: Incredibly smooth and mellow

Gibson's Finest: Sterling

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Gibson's Finest: 12 Year Old

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Gibson's Finest: Rare

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Gibson's Finest: Rare

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